Peter, meet Liz. Come with me. Lets take a little trip!

Today, I would like to tell you about two very special people Liz and Peter. First, let me say I know what Liz looks like. I see her often I know how she talks, her laughter, her facial expressions and about her family. I only know Peter by a photo on his blog. Our relationship could be described more like the movie, Jumping Jack Flash. Perhaps some day I might hear his voice. Enjoy his laughter, and even talk with him.

Peter does not know Liz. However, they have something very real in common, both have cancer. Yes, they were both whisked off too Cancerland, as Peter so eloquently describes in his blog. Which I encourage you to read.

Liz, landed in the metropolis called Thyroid. Which is near Esophagus, and is where Peter is located. Which I understand he has been taken in plenty of fluids, that oddly are infused from a bag which hangs upside down. While Liz, is now sequestered after received a small tablet just today that will bestow in her a strong radiant glow for several days.

One of my favored aphorisms, of which I have several, is, “I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.”

Now, at fifty, one would think that I had that all figured out. But, I seem to be following more in a direction similar to that of Colonel Sanders and Clara Barton. Whom both, in their mid-sixties, started brilliant successful business, so I maintain there is hope for me yet.

I’m leaning towards a sailor, or a captain of a ship. I adore the water.

Our pool here on Main Street will soon be open, and you will find me on my comfy boat raft  drifting from one end to the other. For there I feel comfort and one with life.

So come and sailing with me. I hope that you will feel peace, tranquility and believe that all things are possible.

Hugs, and ALL ABOARD!


2 thoughts on “Peter, meet Liz. Come with me. Lets take a little trip!

  1. I have been so lax about reading your blog! Does that mean mean 40 lashes with the pool noodle this year? If so, this year I will need a life jacket (protection from the noodle) and, of course, still the knee pads(also protection)

    Glad to see you are back with all your feeling and wit.

    Blue MOOON……

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