G.W. and Marty


We have a few Squirrels who drive the dogs crazy. Here is a little story I wrote about our friends that live in the Old Oak Tree at Main Street!

“Hey G.W.” called Marty.
“Are you awake?” G.W. lay quietly stretched across the limb of his front porch. He slowly opened one eye to look at his best friend.
“What’s up, Marty?” G.W. asked.
“BAGELS ARE OUT!” Marty yelled.
“Really!” G.W. delightedly replied. He raced up the treetop and over to Squirrel Pass. His bushy tail swayed from side to side as he skillfully crossed the high wire passage.
“What is your hurry?” called out Bertha Cardinal as she hung out her laundry to dry.
“Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal,” said G.W. “I don’t want to miss breakfast.”
“The best meal of the day!” Augustus Cardinal said, as he looked through the pages of the “Pool Side Gazette.”
“I hope I get there in time! I really would like to get a good one today,” said G.W.
“Go through the park. It‘s quicker,” replied Augustus, looking over his glasses.
“Thanks, Mr. Cardinal,” shouted back
“Hi, G.W.!” called Miranda Rabbit. “Can you come and play with us?”
“Hi, Miranda.” waved G.W., “ Not now. I’m going to the North End Bagel Barn.”
“Be careful crossing Mill Street.” Miranda cautioned as she trailed behind her older brother. “Lot of traffic on the road today.”
“Ok!” said G.W. He stopped and looked both ways down Mill Street and when he was sure the coast was clear, he sprinted across the street.
The North End Bagel Barn was a swarm of activity. Sissy Sparrow hopped quickly from one end of the counter to the other. “NUMBER 25, NUMBER 26,” she chirped as she went back and fourth around the pile of bagels laid neatly out for display. Soon it was G.W.’s turn.
“Number 40,” sang out Sissy.
“Right here.” G.W. called. He carefully looked over each bagel in the pile. “I’ll take that one!” Proudly tucking the perfect bagel in his mouth, he hurried straight for home.
“Wow, this one weighs a ton!” groaned
G.W., as he laid the bagel down to catch his breathe. “I’m not sure I can make it safely across Squirrel Pass. I better go through Feline Cove.” He could see Feline Cove up ahead. He knew it could be dangerous. Two dreadfully mean cats, Freddie and Freda Feline, lived under the garage just at the edge of the property. He picked up his bagel, and headed determinedly for home.
“What are you carrying?” It was Freda. G.W could see her yellow coat as she stretched out under the lilac bush.
“Oh, Freda!” gulped G.W. His heart began to race faster and faster. He laid the bagel down ready to leave it for her if she made any sudden moves out from under the bush.
“Been to the North End Bagel Barn, I see. That looks like a perfect bagel,” purred Freda.
“I just had breakfast myself.” Freda sat up, washing her face. “I’m so full that I think I’ll take a nap.”
“Sounds like a good idea!” G.W. replied, as he snatched up the bagel and ran as fast as he could for the stately oak tree he called home.
“Man, that was close!” panted G.W. He made his way up the oak tree.
“G.W!” bellowed Marty.
“I’m over here,” G.W. could see Marty bounding across Squirrel Pass. He moved to the edge of the limb so Marty could spot him, and his perfect bagel. All at once, Marty leaped from the wire and onto the limb directly above G.W. The limb began to spring violently up and down as G.W. tried to hold on to the bagel.
“Marty! My bagel!” cried G.W. He let go of the bagel and watched it hit the ground and roll next to the fence.
“Hey, that’s a nice looking bagel,” said Marty, as they peered down at the bagel from the swinging limb.
“Yeah, that’s just what Freda said!” chuckled G.W. as he thought about Freda.
“You crossed Feline Cove with that?” Marty shot back in disbelief.
“Sure.” smiled G.W. as he hurried down the side of the tree. “It’s way too big to handle across the Squirrel Pass.” He scooped up the bagel and ran back up the tree. He stretched out across the limb next to Marty, his paws tightly griping the bagel. He was not going to let it get away from him again.
“I have some walnuts to plant. Want to come?” Marty asked as he opened his sack for G.W. to see.
“No, I’m going to enjoy my breakfast. Maybe later.” G.W. replied, with a blissful smile as he looked over the treat.
“I’ll be at the ball park if you change your mind.” replied Marty as he jumped onto the roof.
Delighted with his pick, G.W. turned the bagel over and over. He could smell the wonderful aroma coming from the bagel. He closed his eyes.
“G.W.! G.W.!” a raspy voice cawed suddenly in his ear.
“What!” G.W. jumped. The perfect bagel went sailing out into the air. “Oh, no not again!” cried G.W. as he watched it plummet to the ground.
“Tillie! G.W. gasped, “You scared me! And look what you made me do.”
“Sorry!” Tillie Crow said as she settled down next to G.W. “Been to the North End Bagel Shop I see. That looks like a fine bagel.
Did you know Andy and Rose Robin are expecting triplets? They are due any day now. Everyone at the Main Street Café has been worried about Rose. They sent me to check on her. She has been sitting on those eggs for weeks!” cried Tillie. “And… Oh, look at the time! Gotta fly now or I‘m going to be late! See you G.W.”
G.W. sat on the limb of the oak tree looking down at the perfect bagel he wondered if there was anything he could do as he watched Tillie glide across the yard towards Main Street.
“Tillie…wait…”called G.W. When suddenly an idea struck him.
“Mrs. Robin might enjoy this perfect bagel,” he thought to himself as he ran down the tree. He picked up the bagel, brushed it off and tucked it tightly between his teeth. He ran next door to the soft maple tree and laid the succulent bagel in the fork of the tree. Just below the Robins nest.
“There!” G.W. cried with delight, “a perfect bagel will be waiting for them for dinner. Hmm.. I wonder if Marty still needs any help?” said G.W. as he dashed across the yard.
It was dusk when G.W. returned home. He settled into his oak tree as the sun began to set. He was very sleepy. He and Marty had planted walnuts all afternoon. He climbed into bed and was soon fast asleep.
“Hello!” a small voice called out. G.W peeked out from his nest; the morning sun was streaming through the tree and dancing off the water of the pool below. He could see Rose Robin waving from the edge of the roof next to his tree.
“Hello, G.W. Are you up?” sang Rose.
“Hi, Mrs. Robin.” G.W. said as he yawned.
“Andy and I were wondering if you would like to come over for breakfast?” asked Rose.
“Sure!” replied G.W.
He found the whole neighborhood had gathered under the soft maple tree for breakfast. The perfect bagel lay there in its entire splendor for everyone to taste. Mr. and Mrs. Robin proudly announced that the triplets, Andy Jr, Anna, and Lexey Robin had arrived late last night. And sure enough, the tiny arrivals were hungrily chirping in their nest.
“That was the best bagel I have ever tasted.” Marty said to G.W. later, as they lay on the porch of G.W.’s home overlooking the clear blue water of the pool. “I heard someone left that delicious bagel right under their nest! Boy, you sure are fortunate G.W,” said Marty.
“Why is that? G.W. asked.
“Well, bagels two days in a row,” sighed Marty. G.W. looked at his friend and smiled. “Just lucky, I guess!”

imagesI love childrens stories.

Several years ago I wrote three stories about a squirrel who lived in our Oak tree. It was great fun. I hope your enjoy!

It was a cool September morning. The smell of fall filled the morning breeze. G.W. lay stretched across the limb of his front porch as the sun streamed down through the giant oak tree he called home.
“G.W.! Knock it off! Those acorns are landing in the pool,” snapped Casey Joe. G.W. was tossing small acorns down at the three dogs that lived in the house below. He delighted in annoying them every chance he got.
“Sorry, Casey,” giggled G.W.
“Over here! Here!” yelped Sophie as she danced around the pool. G.W. tossed an acorn down to Sophia. It rolled down the deck. Plop!!! Into the pool it went.
“Stop it!” barked Annie, “You are both making a mess!”
“Is Marty coming over to play?” asked Annie as she patiently waited for G.W. to toss another one down. She always enjoyed a good game of “catch the acorns” with Marty and G.W.
“Marty! Oh-I forgot to meet him at the Main Street Café. The whole town is getting ready for the Fall Festival.” cried G.W. “I’ll catch you guys later.”
He raced up Main Street towards the Café. As he rounded the corner he could see Billy Bob and Heather Blue Jay. Billy Bob worked on the railroad. They lived in a tall stately tree just beside the Main Street tracks.
“Hi!” gulped G.W. as he tried to catch his breath. “Oh…what’s that smell?”
“Those big trucks have got everything all backed up!” grumbled Billy Bob.
“What’s going on?” asked G.W.
“Oiling Main Street this morning, and then the south and north ends of town later in the week.” replied Heather offering G.W. a piece of fresh corn.
“No thanks,” G.W. grimaced as he covered his nose.
“The wind is blowing in just the right direction. We will smell this all day.” Billy Bob complained. “Heather, we’re going to your sister’s, Dusti Mop’s, house for the day.”
“Well, that’s a fine idea!” cried Heather. “I need to get a recipe from her for the Fall Festival bake-off contest. I’ll be ready in a jiff!”
“You better head for home G.W.,” said Billy Bob “It will be a mess all day!”
“Well, I’m meeting Marty at the Café. We wanted to see the banners they’re hanging for the festival.” G.W. said, pulling his red handkerchief out of his pocket. He quickly tied it over his nose to stop some of the horrible smell that began to fill the air from the hot oil.
“You better get moving then,” Billy Bob said, “That eight-ten train is due any minute. And stay away from that road – it will be a sticky mess!” G.W. crossed the railroad tracks and scrambled down the side of the bank. He could hear the hum of the trucks as they slowly moved up Main Street towards the Café. He scurried down the sidewalk past the Laundromat and the post office.
“G.W.! Is that you?” A tiny voice called out from above. G.W. stopped and looked up at the butterfly hovering inches above his head.
“Hey, Indy,” replied G.W. “It’s me.”
“Could not tell with that with that red scarf tied around your face,” chuckled Indy Monarch. “Where you going?”
I’m meeting Marty and the gang at the Café. That oil smell is real strong and I thought the scarf would help,” G.W. replied. “Where are you off to?”
“Just getting ready to head out to the south end of town to do the mail route.” smiled Indy as she rearranged her mailbag.
“I hear that they will be oiling over that way in a few day. Looks like the whole town will be a mess for the week.” said G.W.
“Well. Through rain, snow, sleet and even oil the mail must get out! Got to go,” waved Indy. Her beautifully colored wings were like a pair of stained glass windows as the sun shone through them.
“See you Indy!” G.W. called back. He could see Marty waving frantically as he moved closer to the café.
“G.W.! Cried Marty, “Where have you been?”
“Sorry, I’m late Marty,” replied G.W. “I was playing with Annie, Casey and Sophia. I lost track of time.”
“Sy Spider is missing!” Marty shouted over the hum of the approaching oil truck. “Tillie Crow has gone out to find him.”
“Sy?” asked G.W. “What happened?”
“Well, Sy was sitting on the bench out side the café and the next thing we knew he was gone.” answered Marty.
“Sy is getting up there in age” chirped Rose Robin.
“He can hardly see with his good eye and he sure can‘t get around well with that cane.” Augustus Cardinal said peering over the “Pool Side Gazette.” He was sitting right here next to me mumbling something about his Web business.”
Sy Spider had created an Internet Web program. He retired and left the business to his son, who moved the company to Springburg. He rarely came out to visit Sy so everyone at the Café kept an eye out for him.
“Maybe he went in the café.” said G.W. “You know how much he likes his coffee.”
“I’ve found him! I’ve found him!” cawed out Tillie from across the street. Her raspy voice was hard to hear over the heavy machines rolling up Main Street.
“Look!” cried G.W.
“What’s Tillie doing?” gasped Rose.
“Be careful, Tillie!” chirped Sissy Sparrow.
“That crazy old crow is going to get stuck in that gluey oil!” snapped Augustus Cardinal looking over his paper.

Will G.W. and Marty save Sy? Will Tilley get squashed by the oil tanker! Come back to see how it ends!

Bertha Robin

Bertha Robin

Gather round everyone. It’s story time. Tillie had spotted Sy the spider and was headed for trouble. Lets see what happens.

“Do something Augustus!” cried Bertha as she snatched the paper away from him.
“Tillie! Tillie! You crazy crow.” shouted Augustus, “You’re getting too close to that oil. You’ll get stuck along with Sy!”
“G.W!” cried Marty. “If I cross the street over the Fall Festival banner I’ll be able to get a better view.”
“Are you sure, Marty?” G.W. looked up worriedly at the long red and white banner that proudly announced the coming September Fall Fest.
“Piece of cake!” cried Marty, as he raced up the pole and onto the banner.
“Marty, watch your step,” cautioned G.W. as the banner sagged lower and lower as Marty crossed over it.
“Stop swinging that cane at me, Sy!” Tillie squawked.
“Marty!” called G.W. anxiously “Can you see Sy?”
“I see him!” yelled Marty; “He just keeps swinging that cane at Tillie. He is right at the edge of the road, just a few inches from the porch of the bank.”
“G.W.!” chirped Sissy in alarm. “The oil truck is coming!”
“Marty!” yelled G.W. “Make your way over to the side of the street. I’ll meet you there.”
Marty jumped over to the roof of the Village Market while G.W. raced down the street and up a tree, then over Squirrel Pass as he headed across Main Street. He could see the oil trucks coming closer and closer.
“Sy, put that cane down.” squawked Tillie. “ “You’re going to be toast in a few seconds if we don’t get you out of that oil!”
“Tillie!” G.W. called out. “Sit on the porch rail of the Long Branch Bank and watch for that oil truck.”
Within seconds Marty and G.W. were standing at the edge of the Bank’s porch looking down at Sy. His cane still waving around and around as he mumbled something about a crazy crow.
“Marty, if you can hang off the side of the rail and hold onto my back legs. I might be able to reach him.” directed G.W.
“Oh! He’s a goner!” Tillie cawed shrilly. “The truck is coming. Hurry!”
“Marty, do just like we do in the park.” G.W. yelled as he jumped up on the rail of the porch.
“Ok!” said Marty.
“Ready.” asked G.W.
“Ready!” Marty grabbed G.W. by the back legs and swung him down.
“A little lower Marty. Lower!” G.W. called out. He swiftly scooped up Sy, and yelled, “Pull me up Marty! Up! NOW!”

Can Marty pull G.W. and Sy to safety in time? The tanker is just inches away!

Come back and see.

It's Friday!It’s FRIDAY and Effie is already in the pool!

Gather round everyone. Let’s find out what happened to Tille and Sy so we can start the week-end!

We left off as Marty was swinging G.W. by his feet.

Marty gave a mighty tug and fell backwards off the rail. G.W. and Sy tumbled to the floor of the porch with a THUD! Sy’s cane flew up and knocked Tillie off the rail on to the ground next to Marty. The roar of the truck passing in front of them drowned out the scolding from Sy as he struggled to his feet next to G.W.
“Marty! Marty! You ok?” asked G.W.
“Sure!” grinned Marty as he waved to everyone standing in front of the Café.
“Oh! My head!” moaned Tillie “Is Sy ok?” she asked with her wings spread over her eyes.
“Where is that crazy crow?” bellowed Sy.

Sy Spider

Sy Spider

“He is alive!” shrieked Tillie.
“You bet I’m alive!” spat Sy. “No thanks to you pecking around my head. What in the world were you trying to do? Where in blue bumble bees is my cane?”
G.W. and Marty began to laugh as they headed back to the café, as Tillie and Sy hurled insults at each other.
Rose Robin and Bertha Cardinal pecked each of them on the check, and Augustus Cardinal beamed and said, “Nice job boys!” Sissy Sparrow chirped, “Next bagel’s on me boys!”
“Let’s head back to your place,” said Marty.
“Sounds good to me,” answered G.W. “ A game of acorns with Annie, Sophie and Casey sounds good – and a whole lot safer!”
“You know, G.W.” Marty said later as they lay relaxing “It really feels good to be able to help someone out. But I think I’ll find a little less dangerous way to be helpful!”
“Me, too,” smiled G.W. “I don’t think I would like being a hero everyday.funny-squirrels01

We love comments. Let us know how you liked our little story about the adventures of G.W. and Marty!

punk-squirrel“I’m sure excited about the Zooville Fall Festival tomorrow,” Marty said. “I heard they have a Demolition-Derby this year.”
“No way!” said G.W.
“I saw them working on one of the car’s at Big John’s Monster Garage. Dobber is driving it,” smiled Marty, “Want to check it out?”
“Sure!” G.W. said, as he raced down the tree.
“Wait for me!” cried Marty. G.W. stopped so that Marty could catch up and saw Harley Basset Beagle waddling towards them.
“Hello, G.W.” Bellowed Harley, shaking his head from side to side. His long floppy ears and meaty chops splashed drops of moisture all over G.W.
“Hi Harley.” G.W. said, wiping off his face. “Where are you headed?”
“Going to the school for lunch.” replied Harley.
“Hey, isn’t that Marty?” Harley inquired as he spotted Marty racing across Squirrel Pass. He shook his big mug again, spraying G.W. even more this time.
“Yes, it is. Sorry, got to go and catch up.” apologized G.W. as he hurried to the nearest tree. He had plenty of Harley’s slobbers for one day.
G.W. scampered through Squirrel Pass and made his way to Big John’s Monster Garage on Monroe Street.
“Thanks, Marty, for leaving me they’re with Harley.” G.W. said giving Marty a little push on the shoulder.
“Wow…you’ve been slobbered! I can smell him all over you!” laughed Marty.
“Anything going on?” asked G.W. wiping his face off again.
“Dobber and Junior left in the truck a minute ago,” replied Marty. Dobber, Junior and Goober operated the tiny garage where Marty and G.W. came by often to check out what was going on in Zooville and grab a bite to eat from the homemade feeder outside of the garage.
“Look, G.W.,” pointed Marty. “Look at all the stuff over there on the trailer. Let’s go have a peek.” The red trailer had parts and pieces of a car piled on one end. They nosed around on the pile while they waited for Dobber and Junior to return.
“Look, Marty! An old dried up apple,” called out G.W.
“Here’s a bag of chips,” yelled Marty with delight.
“Oh… it‘s empty,” frowned Marty. “All this stuff is making me hungry. I’m going over to the feeder. Hey, I hear a truck pulling up the drive. Watch out, G.W.!” Marty called out. “You know how Dobber drives.”
The shiny black truck came tearing up the drive and around the corner of the building. G.W. and Marty scrambled up the tree and sat patiently as Dobber and Junior jumped out of the truck and opened the garage doors.

A tan colored station wagon was inside. All four wheels were up on jack stands. The hood was open and tools lie all over the floor of the garage.
Fascinated, G.W. and Marty sat for hours as the men drilled and hammered on the old station wagon.
“I better be getting home,” said G.W. finally.
“And miss all the excitement?” Marty asked.
“I‘m tired. It’s after midnight. I’m going to head back home,” yawed G.W. “Stop by and get me in the morning I’ll go to the parade with you.”
“OK. I’m going to stay and watch for a while. See you in the morning,” replied Marty as he moved over for a better view.

k0113541Does the car get done for the big derby? Will Marty make the parade with G.W.

Stay tuned…………
Last we left off Marty was up all night watching Dobber and Jr. get the wagon ready for the derby…..

Chapter 2

G.W. headed straight for home. It was much later then he thought. He had promised Annie he would play a game of “catch the acorns”, but he was sure she was in for the night. He scurried up the oak tree he called home and quickly washed his face and brushed his teeth. The smell of Harley still lingered. He curled up in his bed and fell fast asleep.
He was awakened by Annie‘s impatient barks. “G.W.! G.W.!” yapped Annie,” Can you hear the band?”
G.W. slowly opened his eyes. “I can!” he called down to Annie. “ It’s the parade getting ready to start. I wonder were Marty is.”
“Oh, Marty came by early and said he would meet you at the park,” replied Annie as she danced around the pool.funny-squirrels13
“Well, I’d better get going,” said G.W.
Main Street was lined along both sides with people, children and lawn chairs.
Excitement was in the air as everyone waited for the parade to start.
Police and fire truck sirens began to wail signaling the start. Old cars and fancy floats, and loud brass bands paraded down the street. Children surged into the street scooping up the candy that was tossed from the passing vehicles.
“I wonder where Marty is,” thought G.W. as he looked around. “Marty loves parades.”
“Hi, G.W.,” called out Rose Robin. “Wonderful parade. Thought I would bring the triplets out for their first look.”
“Hi, Mrs. Robin. Have you seen Marty anywhere?” asked G.W.
“Not this morning” answered Rose, “Oh, my goodness! Sorry, G.W., I’ve got to go. Andy Jr. has taken off again. He is such a handful,” sighed Rose as she gathered up the other two young robins and herded them down Main Street in search of Andy Jr.
G.W. watched as the last float passed by and he then hurried over to the park. The smell of cotton candy, pork chops and the music of the carnival ride filled the air. It was late afternoon and he still had not found Marty. G.W. began to worry.
“G.W.,” a tiny voice from above called out. It was Indy Monarch, the butterfly.
“Hi, Indy,” smiled G.W.
“The Demolition Derby will be starting soon. You had better head over that way for a good seat,” Indy said, as she fluttered above.
“Good suggestion,” answered G.W.
He raced across the park to pit area. It was full of activity. Cars were being pulled in on trailers. Each car was painted with different colors and markings. Some looked like they had already been in a Derby with their sides bashed in and hoods crumpled up. Everyone was busy as bees working on last minute adjustments.
“Drivers… Ten minute call,” a voice squawked across the speaker. G.W. moved around the pit area looking for the car sponsored by Big John’s Monster Garage.
“Tillie!” called G.W. “Have you seen the car from the Big John’s Garage?”
“Over by the fence,” cawed Tillie Crow.
“Thanks, Tillie,” called G.W.
He scurried over to the fence. The tan station wagon, now black and red, featured names painted in different colors all over it and the number “420” carefully painted on the drivers door in bright yellow. G.W. chuckled at the bowling pin mounted on the top of the car.
“Drivers’ meeting in five minute,” the load speaker squawked.
“Where is Marty!” worried G.W. “He would never miss this!”
“Dobber, we’ve got to go,” yelled Junior.
“Just let me tighten this last bolt, will you,” replied Dobber.
“All drivers to the meeting! All drivers to the meeting!” the load speaker called out again.


Will G.W. find Marty? What happened after G.W. left him at the garage last night? Stay tuned!


G.W. watched as Dobber and Junior headed for the meeting. He wanted to take a closer look inside the car while everyone was gone.
“Wow. The whole car has been gutted!” gasped G.W. He looked at the battery that now sat on the front floorboard. The back seat was gone, and a large can sat in the center. He looked around, amazed at how different the car had looked last night.
He heard a noise from the back of the wagon. He moved quickly, poking around in a pile of leaves and cans that lie in the back corner of the car. Suddenly a furry form appeared.
“Marty!” cried G.W. “Good grief. What are you doing in here?”
“Oh I must have fallen asleep. We were up all night working on the car,” yawned Marty.
“Marty, the Derby is about…we have to get out of here.” G.W. cried frantically.
“Come on, wake up!”
“What time is it?” asked Marty.
“It’s time to go, Marty. Now!” G.W. shook Marty harder.
Suddenly, voices interrupted G.W.’s attempts to rouse Marty.
“Hurry! Get in the car, Dobber,” called Junior. “You’re in the first heat.
“Marty…Marty!” yelled G.W.
But the roar of the engine drowned him out. It roared louder and louder as Dobber stepped on the gas and the car slowly began to move.
“Marty you’d better hang on!” called G.W.
“Are we moving?” asked Marty.
“Yes Marty! We’re headed for the Derby!” cried G.W. “Hold on tight!”
The roar of the cars became even louder as they began to line up on the dirt field. Marty and G.W. peeked out the side window. They could almost touch the car next to them. The driver’s head was covered with a helmet. He was revving up the engine as he waiting for the green flag signaling the start of the first Demolition Derby.
“Welcome to the first annually Zooville Fall Festival Demolition Derby!” the loud speaker squawked. “Let the Derby begin!”
Big John’s Monster car suddenly jerked backwards throwing Marty and G.W. into the back corner of the station wagon.
BANG…BOOOM…. CRUNCH…Marty and G.W. tumbled around the back of the station wagon like marbles. They grabbed onto the front seat and peeked over the top. BOOM…The car was struck in the back throwing Marty into the front seat next to Dobber.
Dobber let out a yell and so did Marty as they both stared at each other. BOOM…. CRASH. The car bumped and jerked around as Marty was tossed from side to side.
Dobber looked around quickly and spotted a car coming up behind him. He also spotted G.W. holding tight to the front seat staring at him with wide eyes.
“Never mind me! Look out for that car!” yelled G.W. as he closed his eyes. BAM!!!!!!
Suddenly, the car stopped running. Dobber quickly reached over and wiggled the battery cable.
“ Agggh!!!! I smell gas,” cried Marty
“Me, too!” replied G.W.
“The fuel line must be off the tank,” called out Dobber. “I can’t reach it.”
“G.W!” yelled Marty, “Check the fuel tank!”
squirrel“Check the WHAT?” G.W. could barely hear Marty.
“THE FUEL TANK! THAT CAN ON THE FLOORBOARD!” Marty called back. BOOM…a shot in the side door knocked Marty over the seat onto Dobber’s lap.


TGIF: Enjoy the end of Zooville Demo Days!



Dobber let out a yell and so did Marty as they both stared at each other. BOOM…. CRASH. The car bumped and jerked around as Marty was tossed from side to side.
Dobber looked around quickly and spotted a car coming up behind him. He also spotted G.W. holding tight to the front seat staring at him with wide eyes.
“Never mind me! Look out for that car!” yelled G.W. as he closed his eyes. BAM!!!!!!
Suddenly, the car stopped running. Dobber quickly reached over and wiggled the battery cable.
“ Agggh!!!! I smell gas,” cried Marty
“Me, too!” replied G.W.
“The fuel line must be off the tank,” called out Dobber. “I can’t reach it.”
“G.W!” yelled Marty, “Check the fuel tank!”
“Check the WHAT?” G.W. could barely hear Marty.
“THE FUEL TANK! THAT CAN ON THE FLOORBOARD!” Marty called back. BOOM…a shot in the side door knocked Marty over the seat onto Dobber’s lap.
G.W. nosed around the tank and found the hose dangling. He pulled and tugged as hard as he could and slid the black hose back over the hole.
“I got it,” he called out.
“Dobber! HIT IT!” Marty yelled out.
Dobber turned the key and pumped the gas pedal, and with a BANG the station wagon started up. He wheeled the car around the dirt track as Marty and G.W. bounced from side to side.
“YOUR WINNER OF THE FIRST HEAT” Car “420“, BIG JOHN“S MONSTER GARAGE!” the speaker announced!
“We won! We won!” yelled Marty and G.W. as the spectators cheered with delight.
Dobber drove a victory lap around the track with the checkered flag, and headed back to the pits. The old car sputtered and wobbled and belched white smoke. Above the noise Marty made introductions.
“By the way, I’m Marty and that’s G.W. in the back.
“Well, Marty and G.W. thanks for your help!” laughed Dobber. “You guys really deserve the checkered flag.”
G.W. and Marty headed for home after all the activities of the Fall Festival. They took turns holding and waving the checkered flag.
“You know, GW? Marty smiled as he lies across the tree limb holding the checkered flag proudly, “I think I would like to do that again.
“ Sure! giggled GW. “Maybe next year, we can get our own car.” k0113541


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