Photo of the Week

Each week I will leave a new photo. Put your caption in the comments. Let’s see what you all can come up with. This is a family site….so keep it clean and respectable.
September 6, 2009 Photo of the week:jh


32 thoughts on “Photo of the Week

  1. Looks like somebody might get lucky!!I finally got the chance to send you a line.Hope all is well! Are they looking at baby gifts!!!!!

  2. I liked that last one.
    I like this one too…
    I like that one…..
    I really like this one…..
    Anything you want Sweetie…..
    I like ‘that one’!!!
    I really like That one!!!!

  3. Photo of the Week-
    First let’s have a wedding dress,
    then give the rabbit a chance.
    None of ours! It has to be a
    stranger rabbit, no one we know.
    Better yet get one of those tests.
    “No Rabbit was Harmed in This Testing”

    1. Ok….Let me get my hare in this. RING, ASK BIG, THERE IS A YES, DRESS, YAE! TWO (TWIN) HARE’S KITS (no hare’s harmed). They will be the one’s!

  4. Oh! Jeeeze I’ve never won anything in my life (except for the lottery somewhere in England).
    Now I feel special.
    Where do I leave a caption for the picture of the dude in the pink glasses???

    1. HOT DOG! Auntie has checked in for her swimming hole pass! Swim coming to you! Go to photo of the week page and try it again!

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