Mother Mari


My name is Mari (aka: Mother Mari)<
I feel like I operate a Bed and Breakfast open 24 hours 365 days of the years.
Services provided:caterer,chauffeur,laundryservice,moneylender,
seamstress,psychologist,tutor, nurse, etc…..etc.
(Gifts and other recognition greatly appreciated.)

We call home, a small town in the Land of Lincoln. I’ve been married 31 years to my best friend, aka: MacGyver



We have one son, aka: Billy Bob, who turned 30 in June!

Billy Bob

Billy Bob

We (the boys are) Cub fans. We enjoy (the boys do) any sport. We (the boys) enjoy hunting and fishing when time permits. We (all) enjoy family and friends, a swim in the pool, hamburgers on the gas grill and one or two cocktails. We (all) try to do the best we can, help other when we can, have family meeting at the table, laugh, cry, scream and *****()))^^%^ on occasion.

We live in a 30+ year old house on Main St, USA which needs updates.
Home Sweet Home!

Home Sweet Home!

Our intentions are good! But, as life would have it, something unexpected seems to always take precedence or alter any plans.

We are currently out numbered by 5 cats, Buba, Miss Kitty, Effie Mae, Cookie Joe and Princess Dusty along with 3 dogs, Annie Green Springs, Casey Jones and Sophia. Which, I might add, are the most pets we have ever had, at one time, in all of our 31 years of matrimony and MacGyver often (daily) reminds me that this is why we are not remodeling.

In truth this is not the ONLY reason. Last year MacGyver received his AARP card and I’m not far behind. I’m praying that any remodeling will come soon…. as we are reaching……middle age. Every day is a gift….it’s with GREAT THANKS TO GOD…. that I can report my husband (MacGyver) is a colon cancer survivor. Cancer changed our outlook on many things and age is contributing to the speed of which we now do things!
As I (we) start a new chapter in our life my wish is that in someway I can share a little part of everyday life here in the country. I’m not the best writer but, I hope you enjoy! Remember if you are every on Main Street, USA, stop by. Your always welcome, at the bed and breakfest!

14 thoughts on “Mother Mari

  1. P.S. Do you pronounce your name like Mary or like “Mari eats calamari in the back of a Ferrari, while wearing a sari out on safari”? Mine is the later….

  2. Hello Mari! I stumbled across your blog after noticing your name on my cousin’s Facebook friends list (you were one of 13) and I couldn’t help but be attracted to your lovely name!

    I have to say that I’m really enjoying your writing and your personality. Thanks for a quality blog. 🙂


    1. Thank you. I’m so sorry for not getting back to you! I work for the Red Cross Service to Arm Forces and have been very busy. I hope to be back writing by June or July of 2012!

    1. Hey you little brat! I never forget about any of my kids. And you, how could any one forget! But you know…. your the oldest!

  3. Mari, I enjoyed reading your age related comment on my blog. And, small world that it is, we share a birthday. REALLY share a birthday as in the same day and year. I knew there was something spectacular about you the first time I visited here!!

    1. You are sure welcome anytime! Cement Pond is being closed today, but there are always those great fall fish fries! Glad your on the roll call!

  4. Hey Mari,
    This is great so glad you let me know i will be keeping up on this.
    Congratulations. you are finally where you should be.
    love marilyn

    1. MacGyver, aka POOL BOY, just got it cleaned. Oh…awards, dinner, pool boy, what more could you ask for on a Friday.

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